6 Reasons Why I Find Better Tenants Than My Competition

6 Reasons Why I Find Better Tenants Than My Competition

There are things I do for all my landlords that any agent can do, however there are several reasons that make me stand out and why you should hire me to market and rent your property.

  1. I take professional photos of every single rental property.  Check out our Listings page and see for yourself.
  2. I will not just take any listing, either.  Some agents have made a name for themselves renting dumpy apartments and this inadvertently reflects poorly on all their clients who have really nice apartments.  I only take listings that I think are clean, safe, and reasonably priced.
  3. And on that note, I do not just accept any tenant either.  Some agents will toss the first application they receive in front of you and strong-arm you into accepting them.  It is typical to receive several applications on a property that I never even present to my landlords because I was unable to verify a reference or employment, etc.  I only present complete applications after verifying credit, references, and income.
  4. I actually check credit, references, and income!  Some agents say they verify credit, but I actually have access to pull a full TransUnion credit report— the same report a mortgage broker would use.  Not all agencies have access to credit bureaus, they use something called a “Tenant Report” which is not the same thing at all!
  5. If it is a condo, I go the extra step and get all the required paperwork compiled for the condominium association.  Most of the HOA’s have forms they want tenants to fill out, and some require copies of the lease.  If they need the vehicle registration for a parking pass I make sure to coordinate that.
  6. I provide you with all the proper paperwork.  Seems like a no-brainer, but I have come across several leases written by other agents that are missing information, addendums, or are just not done right.

It is important you are getting all these services from your agent.  If you feel your property is not being marketed with top-notch photos and the agent is presenting you with less-than-excellent applicants, it is time to consider hiring me.

Email or call today to see how I can help you.



Shannon McCullough

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