Why so many up-front questions?

Why do we ask so many questions? We feel that it is important to publish this blog post in an effort to be transparent.  Sometime when people call or email us they are hesitant to answer all our questions up-front.  Let me tell you— I get it!  I know there are a million scams out

Why hire a real estate agent to rent your apartment?

If you own income property the odds are that you have rented it out yourself, at least once. With the internet and craigslist it’s easy for an owner to find a tenant– but finding a qualified tenant is a different ballgame. When you hire a real estate agent you are getting the most exposure possible

Property Management Marketing

In this technology driven world, how do you acquire customers aside from being “googled”? Websites like Thumbtack help Landlords, and other people in need of similar services, find verified professionals. As a property manager I am able to go onto the website and contact the potential client.  It is a safe and anonymous way for