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Advertise Your Property

Advertising on exclusive broker-only websites allows us reach a broader audience and secure a qualified tenant.  Including: MLS,, Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and many other syndicates.

When we enter the listing into MLS (Multiple Listing Service) it also allows us to cooperate with other real estate agents who may have clients to show the property to.  By cooperating with other agents we are reaching an even broader audience— tenants who are relocating for work often use real estate agents, or anyone who is serious about moving and is a qualified renter.

Drafting and Signing the Lease

We will review the lease with you prior to signing it with the tenant.  You do not have to be here in-person, we can do everything electronically.  We also collect any deposits from the tenants on your behalf.

Amend the lease as-needed.  We have designed a proprietary lease in which we have taken all the important components of the various MA standard lease versions and put them into one lease, our lease.  We have added in special provisions that just aren’t covered in the “one size fits all” lease.  Our provisions are designed to minimize your risk and eliminate any ambiguity.

Help facilitate move-in

We can give the tenants the keys or help coordinate between you and the tenant for the exchange.

Provide the tenant with the apartment condition statement (per MA law) and instruct them on how to fill it out.

Provide you with a W-9 and proper paperwork to remit to the bank if you collect a security deposit as well as the information you are required to provide the tenant with regarding their security deposit.

Verify the following for all applicants:

Check Credit via TransUnion

Income & Employment Verification

Verify Landlord References

Scan Eviction Database

Pet References

Other Specific Requests

Other Services

Short Term Management

For those of you that manage your own income properties, but may just need occasional help, please inquire!  For existing clients or anyone we have ever done a rental for we are happy to offer short-term property management.  Since we are familiar with the tenant and the property we are happy to take over while you’re on vacation, traveling for work, or otherwise unable to be available.  This is an exclusive service we offer to current clients only.

Application Verification

Are you a do-it-youself-er?  Do you just need help checking credit and references?  We can assist you with this as well!  You should never rent to anyone without checking their credit, at minimum.  Our comprehensive TransUnion Credit Report can provide you with FICO scores, detailed credit history, civil judgement history, and more.  We provide this in-depth report to all our landlords.  Please inquire about the process.

The tenant must fill out the application and disclosure form that we will provide you with.

Lease Renewal Notices

For a small, flat fee, we will do your lease renewals annually for you.  We are happy to help you decide whether a rent increase is appropriate or not, and then re-write all paperwork.  It is important to have your lease renewals done professionally because depending on the type of lease and the terms in the original lease will depend of the rental process.  Also, if you would like to allow the tenant to be an at-will tenant we can assist you with that decision as well.  This is also an exclusive service we offer to pre-existing clients.

Lease Termination Notices

 Please contact us!  We offer this service to current clients only or to those who plan to become clients.  In most cases, you may need to hire an attorney.  If it is an amicable split then you simply need to provide legal and proper notice, which we are happy to assist you with.

After we assist you with the process of securing a tenant and signing the lease we are still here to help!  Please visit our property management page for more details on the services we provide to many landlords like yourself.

List With US

Need help securing a qualified tenant?  We are happy to help.  Please let us know the best way to contact you and we will reach out.

See What Our Landlords and Tenants Are Saying:

Jon Gordon
Jon Gordon
02:57 12 Apr 17
Shannon is highly knowledgeable in the local market and has a great reputation among owners and tenants. I am a commercial broker at Gordon Real Estate and Shannon has always been great to work with for her responsiveness and how shes willing to go the extra mile for her clients.As a property manager, Shannon has always been known as someone people love to work with for her follow up and attention to detail. I do not know many property managers with her bank of contacts and experience renting property. I would highly recommend her to an owner looking for someone to manage/rent their more
Joe Panichella
Joe Panichella
16:28 10 Apr 17
By far one of the best decisions I've made was to hire Shannon as my property manager. In one month she had both units rented, had them both totally overhauled AND got me more in rent than I ever thought possible. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend her to more
Matt Beardsley
Matt Beardsley
23:53 21 Mar 17
I am a tenant in one of the apartments that Shannon manages, and she has been great. She is very accessible and is always responsive to any questions you may have. The apartment is well maintained, and before I moved in she had cleaning and maintenance people come in to get the whole place in great shape. Shannon also is very careful to keep tenants' personal information safe. I'm very pleased to be renting an apartment from more
Robert Nislick
Robert Nislick
22:43 12 Mar 17
I have worked with Shannon McCullough of Sloane Realty Group on many occasions, involving properties in Framingham. Shannon really cares about helping landlords to protect their real estate investments. Quite often, there is a slim margin between making money and losing money by owning a rental property. Most property owners need a professional property manager to help them with things like screening tenants, receiving rent, and making sure that minor and major repairs are made in a timely manner. This is especially true for people who own an apartment building here, but may live outside of Massachusetts. Shannon McCullough is an excellent choice for people who own rental property in Framingham and throughout the Metrowest area, who need a reliable and responsive property more
Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon
17:30 12 Mar 17
At the beginning of 2016, I was facing lots of challenges as a new landlord trying to manage the property from across the country. There were several communication and management issues.I was lucky to find Shannon, and within a week of coming on board, she was able to smoothen things out. She also made the tenant change process in 2017 a breeze.She is very responsive, and on top of things. She has a great network of contractors who are on time, and have taken care of things related to HVAC, plumbing and painting on my property.She is easy to work with, and has a great personality and great work ethics. Knowing that she is managing the property, I feel confident that I will be able to keep renting out my property worry free.Highly recommended!!read more
Bo Liu
Bo Liu
22:12 10 Mar 17
I have been working with Shannon from Sloane Property Management since 2015. It has been a really awesome experience! She is very responsible for my property especially when I'm 500 miles away from my house. Quick response, accurate reports, and great personality are what makes me feel comfortable working with her. I highly recommend her and Sloane Property Management to manage your propertread more
Joe Greathead
Joe Greathead
21:02 16 Nov 13
Shannon from Sloane Realty Group is easily one of the best people I've ever had to work with in regards to finding a new apartment.After approximately 4 months of searching for a new home in MA I had dealt with a large range of brokers, independent landlords, and people looking for new roommates. All of whom gave me inaccurate information, communicated poorly, or simply weren't sure what they were doing.Shannon, however, is extremely articulate and was able to explain exactly what options she could present me with and how to pursue them. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and patient through each step of the process right up to the point of giving me the keys.Suffice it to say, Shannon kicks butt and I'd recommend her to anyone I more
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