Our Mission is to provide comprehensive property management services on a customized and personal level. Whatever your needs are, we can help.  We are here for our clients every step of the way; whether it be helping you grow your investment property portfolio or getting your expenses under control, it is our job to maximize your income and reduce your expenses.

Property Management Services

Properties We Manage

Multi Family

When managing a multi-family home it is important to stay on top of it all– we inspect the common areas, the exterior, collect laundry coins, enforce parking, and everything in between.  Every property we manage requires a different inspection protocol; some properties require frequent visits in the beginning to ensure all tenants are complying with the rules.  We will work closely with you to identify the needs of your property and what we can do to satisfy them.  We also take the time to carefully go through each property we take on in the beginning to ensure your expenses are not too high, and if so, we come up with a plan to reduce them.

We currently manage multi-family homes in Framingham, Natick, and Ashland.

Single Family

When you rent a single family home in Massachusetts there are a completely different set of laws and regulations governing the landlord-tenant relationship. We are here to educate you on your duties as a landlord of a single family home and what your obligations are, as well as enforcing the tenant’s obligations. There are special addendums that we must incorporate into the lease as well as using a special lease that is specific to the renal of a single family home.

We currently manage single family homes in Framingham, Natick, Dover, Sherborn, Ashland, and Marlborough.

Small Buildings

Small buildings and multi-family homes have many similarities, but there are a few items that are essential to smoothly operating small buildings. Not only must we manage assigned parking, but we establish accounts with towing companies in case of emergency. Tenants always lock themselves out, but in the case of small buildings, we establish an account with a local locksmith for 24-hour lockout service. We assess the need for master key systems, storage facilities, refuse removal, snow removal, and large-scale preventative maintenance. We have helped owners of small buildings establish special small-business bank accounts so that we can pull rents out of the tenants’ personal bank accounts for quick payment, just like any other automatic recurring bill you may pay already. Most tenants actually prefer this method and it ensures that you get paid faster.

We currently manage small buildings in Framingham.

We Are Your Condo Experts!

We manage a large portfolio of individually owned condo units in Framingham, Ashland, and Natick.  Every single Home Owners Association has their own set of rules & regulations that must be followed whether you’re a resident or an investor.  We make an effort to work directly with the HOA’s management company to facilitate maintenance requests, relay messages to the tenants, and act as an intermediary between you and the tenant as well as between the HOA to the tenants.

Framingham COndos

Framingham Complex Experts

We are experts on the rules & regulations in Century Estates, Meridian Place, Bishop Terrace & Wilson Gardens, Oak Terrace, Chapel Hill, Mill Falls, and many more!

We have placed many tenants throughout the years in all the major Framingham complexes and buildings.

Ashland COndos

Specializing in Ashland, MA Townhouses

We have become experts in navigating the waters between our owners, the individual association, the trustees and Sterling Services.  We have all the handbooks on file and an in-depth understanding of the rules & regs.  Each HOA has a special form and lease addendums that we must provide to the tenants, have them fill it out, and return it to the manager.

We currently manage Townhouses in nearly every single Fafard-built community.   Village of 1000 Pines, Village of The America’s, Spyglass Hill, & more.

Natick Condo 1
Natick COndos

Your Natick Village & Green Pro's

We manage several condos within the Natick Village and Natick Green Communities, including condos in Deerfield Forest and other surrounding HOA’s.

We also manage townhouses and condos that are part of small HOA’s.  In most cases these small associations do not have professional management companies in charge of the HOA as a whole, so it is imperative to hire a professional property manager to oversee your unit in order to maintain outstanding relationships with your fellow owners and trustees.

Before & After Galleries:

Check out some of the projects we have taken on!  Whether we need to paint, clean, and prep an apartment for the next tenant, or rent a dumpster, gut it, and completely redo it… we can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

When a property owner hires us in the capacity as a rental agent we essentially only provide tenant placement services.  Once the property is ready to be rented we market it, show it to prospective tenants, collect applications & verify credit, references, income, and write the lease.  Once the lease has been signed by all parties we have fulfilled the extent of our services.
When you hire us in the capacity as a property manager we provide all services mentioned above as they pertain to marketing and tenant placement, in addition to many other duties.  Prior to signing a management contract we will take a look at the property and meet with you to discuss any concerns and then come up with a plan of action.  We require a one-year commitment (some exceptions may be made) and then we prepare a pre-management plan of action report.  We take care of any pre-rental maintenance (cleaning, painting, etc), then market/rent the property, write the lease, facilitate the move-in, and anything else that is required.  We collect the monthly rent, communicate with the tenants for the duration of the lease, and all other services as described under Our Services, visit here or located above on this page.
As a rental agent we charge a one-time fee equal to one month’s rent.  Usually the owner pays this fee, however in some cases we are able to collect half from the tenant and half from the owner.
As a property manager we charge a small paperwork fee to place a new tenant and draft the lease, it is a flat fee for all properties regardless of the monthly rent.  We then charge a percentage of the rent, collected on a monthly basis, for the duration of the tenancy.
Yes, of course!  Just keep in mind that we do charge a rental fee (more than when we are under a management contract) to rent your property out.  For some folks the savings is fairly significant so they do choose to sign a management contact upfront.
No.  We base our fees on a percentage of the monthly rent ONLY.  This policy is in place to ensure you that we will place a tenant as quickly as possible.
No.  We base our fees on a percentage of the monthly rent ONLY.  This policy is in place to ensure you that we will place a tenant as quickly as possible.

No, we do not.  We are not association managers.  We do, however, manage individually owned condo units within other professional and owner-managed HOA’s.

See What Our Landlords and Tenants Are Saying:

Jon Gordon
Jon Gordon
02:57 12 Apr 17
Shannon is highly knowledgeable in the local market and has a great reputation among owners and tenants. I am a commercial broker at Gordon Real Estate and Shannon has always been great to work with for her responsiveness and how shes willing to go the extra mile for her clients.As a property manager, Shannon has always been known as someone people love to work with for her follow up and attention to detail. I do not know many property managers with her bank of contacts and experience renting property. I would highly recommend her to an owner looking for someone to manage/rent their property.read more
Joe Panichella
Joe Panichella
16:28 10 Apr 17
By far one of the best decisions I've made was to hire Shannon as my property manager. In one month she had both units rented, had them both totally overhauled AND got me more in rent than I ever thought possible. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend her to anyone.read more
Matt Beardsley
Matt Beardsley
23:53 21 Mar 17
I am a tenant in one of the apartments that Shannon manages, and she has been great. She is very accessible and is always responsive to any questions you may have. The apartment is well maintained, and before I moved in she had cleaning and maintenance people come in to get the whole place in great shape. Shannon also is very careful to keep tenants' personal information safe. I'm very pleased to be renting an apartment from Shannon.read more
Robert Nislick
Robert Nislick
22:43 12 Mar 17
I have worked with Shannon McCullough of Sloane Realty Group on many occasions, involving properties in Framingham. Shannon really cares about helping landlords to protect their real estate investments. Quite often, there is a slim margin between making money and losing money by owning a rental property. Most property owners need a professional property manager to help them with things like screening tenants, receiving rent, and making sure that minor and major repairs are made in a timely manner. This is especially true for people who own an apartment building here, but may live outside of Massachusetts. Shannon McCullough is an excellent choice for people who own rental property in Framingham and throughout the Metrowest area, who need a reliable and responsive property manager.read more
Sumit Tandon
Sumit Tandon
17:30 12 Mar 17
At the beginning of 2016, I was facing lots of challenges as a new landlord trying to manage the property from across the country. There were several communication and management issues.I was lucky to find Shannon, and within a week of coming on board, she was able to smoothen things out. She also made the tenant change process in 2017 a breeze.She is very responsive, and on top of things. She has a great network of contractors who are on time, and have taken care of things related to HVAC, plumbing and painting on my property.She is easy to work with, and has a great personality and great work ethics. Knowing that she is managing the property, I feel confident that I will be able to keep renting out my property worry free.Highly recommended!!read more
Bo Liu
Bo Liu
22:12 10 Mar 17
I have been working with Shannon from Sloane Property Management since 2015. It has been a really awesome experience! She is very responsible for my property especially when I'm 500 miles away from my house. Quick response, accurate reports, and great personality are what makes me feel comfortable working with her. I highly recommend her and Sloane Property Management to manage your propertread more
Joe Greathead
Joe Greathead
21:02 16 Nov 13
Shannon from Sloane Realty Group is easily one of the best people I've ever had to work with in regards to finding a new apartment.After approximately 4 months of searching for a new home in MA I had dealt with a large range of brokers, independent landlords, and people looking for new roommates. All of whom gave me inaccurate information, communicated poorly, or simply weren't sure what they were doing.Shannon, however, is extremely articulate and was able to explain exactly what options she could present me with and how to pursue them. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and patient through each step of the process right up to the point of giving me the keys.Suffice it to say, Shannon kicks butt and I'd recommend her to anyone I know.read more
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