How to throw things away…

How to throw things away…

The definitive guide to curbside trash & recycling -and- recently updated with:

Have you ever wondered how to throw big items away?  You can’t put a king size mattress in a Honda Civic… whether you’re moving out, moving in, or cleaning up, here is how you can arrange for cheap (and sometimes free!) curbside bulky item pickup.


Curbside trash and recycling are free!   Must be in the carts provided.  Click on the Sanitation Calendar to find out when your trash and recycle days are (both are weekly).

Have something big to throw away? Visit: Bulky Item Disposal Request


Pay-As-You-Throw Bags – More info on costs and where to buy them here. Ashland PAYT

Recycling and trash are weekly.  Recycling is free.

Bulky items: One item per month for free! Ashland residents that are enrolled in the town’s curbside trash & recycling pick-up program to schedule their 1 bulk item per month pick-up, as needed.  Please call Waste Management at 800-972-4545.

Exception: If you live in a a condo that has private trash pick-up (ex. Village of The America’s HOA) see your handbook as none of the above will apply to you.


Pay-As-You-Throw Bags – More info on costs and where to buy them here. Natick PAYT Trash collection is weekly.

Recycling is free and is bi-weekly.  You can get your schedule by typing in your address here.

Bulky items: Fill out this form The Town of Natick provides bulky waste pick-ups on Monday, Call DPW with questions at 508-647-6550.


Both trash and recycling are free!  never forget your trash day–same day for the entire City.  Recycling is bi-weekly.  Solid Waste Collection is EVERY Tuesday, Recycling collection is every OTHER Tuesday. City of Marlborough Website

Bulk Item Rates For answers to your rubbish/recycling and resident drop-off facility questions, please call (508) 624-6910 ext. 33300


All Cities and Towns in Massachusetts:  Recyclopedia: Can I recycle it?


If you live in a multi-family home or rent a condo that has a dumpster please ask your landlord how to throw away large items or refer to the resident handbook.  Any home or association that does not have municipal curbside trash & recycling services likely can not benefit from the above recourses, however you can always call the City to see what options are available to you!


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